The Silver Lantern


In the days of the Dawn War, Sehanine and Corellon found that Lolth’s betrayal dug deeper than just a stab at the Gods; Sehanine sent a lantern infused with her will out into the mortal realm to help her devotees keep the darkness of the Spider Queen at bay. The Lantern floated around the plane, illuminating the minds of the devotees of not just Sehanine, but her allies’ devotees as well. Soon the War ended, but the Lantern continued to shed it’s light where darkness threatened to prevail.

The Silver Lantern Consortium was created with the intention of attracting the Artifact, Sehanine’s Light, a silver lantern that assists worshippers of several deities accomplish their goals in a dark and ever-dimming world. The members are clever, imaginative, innovative, and always seek to find, and bring light to, the darkness.

Now a new threat emerges; an older, rooted evil has been lurking below the surface around the town of Hammerfast. Heroes are needed and the Consortium is looking for adventurers to flush it out and defeat it.

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